Saturday, March 15, 2008

Naturalfarming Palekarway

What are the fundamental objectives of Zero Budget Natural farming?

Through the technique of Zero Budget Farming we work to increase the humus in the cultivable soil and there by increase the microbial activity in the soil; Microbial activity in the soil enriches the soil very substantially

Through this technique we work to reduce pathogenic bacteria getting into the soil through improper use of excessive farm yard manure generated from nondeshi cows and other animals; by proper use of limited farm yard manure combines with cow urine, small quantity of jaggery, flour and soil through a simple process of fermentation;

The soil has sufficient macro and micro nutrients required for the growth of plants.

However, since some of them are not in soluble form ie. They are not ready for direct uptake by the roots of the plant.

The net work of increased microbial activity will ensure proper uptake of all nutrients available in the soil by the plants and will ensure a healthy and sturdy growth of plants.

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