Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Naturalfarming palekarway plant protection

Proactive plant protection is recommended under the Zero Budget Natural Farming of Shri Subash Palekar. The first instrument is using of Bijamurtha to improve the germination of the seed; next is Jivamurtha, to increase the microbial activity in the soil we apply Jivamurtha alongwith water. To protect the plants and improve their health we should regularly apply Jivamurtha through the foliar method. 5% solution is recommended on the 21st day of planting, increase the strength of the solution to 10% for the second spraying, 15% solution for the third spraying. Ensure foliar application of Jivamurtha once in 21 days. At the plant maturing stage, remember to use 5% solution of sour butter milk to protect the grains from infestation and consequent yield loss.

Normally, there will be no need for spraying of any medicine to control infestation as it is found that when Jivamurtha is applied regularly, the plants have sufficient resistance capacity to diseases. However, if you find high percentage of sucking pest or mealy bug you can use Neemastra, If you find pod borer or stem borer then you can use Bramastra, If you find leaf roller, then you can use Agniastra. We give below the method to make Neemastra, Bramastra and Agniastra. To control fungal attack you have to prepare and use Chukkuastra or drygingerastra.

How to make Neemastra?

Take 100 litres of water + 5 litres of gomuthra + 2kg of cow dung + 5kgs of neem leaf pulp, allow the mixture to ferment for 24 hours, stir the mixture twice a day. Filter the solution. Apply on the plants by mixing 2 litres of the mixture in 100 litres of water. This is a very good insecticide.

How to prepare Bramhastra?

Take 10 litres of gomuthra add 3 kgs of neem leaf pulp, add 2 kgs of sitafal leaf pulp, add 2 kgs of pulp of papaya leaf, add 2 kg of pulp of pomogranade, add 2 kg of pulp of guavava, or 2kg of Oomathai leafpulp, or 2kgs of castorleaf pulp, 2kgs of bittergourdpulp 2kgs of punganleafpulp, 2kgs of karuvelamleafpulp (You need any 5 of these leaf pulp for this mixture). Then boil the solution for 10 minutes and allow the solution to cool down for 48 hours. Filter the solution and mix 2 to 2.5 litres in 100 litres depending on the intensity of the attack and spray on the plants. This is a stronger insecticide to be used when infestation is stronger.

How to make Agniastra?

Take 10 litres of Gomuthra, add 1 kg of tobacoo, add 500 grams of green chilli pulp, add 500 grams of garlic pulp, add 5 kgs of neem leaf pulp, add 15 litres of gomuthra, then boil mixture five times continuously. Leave the solution to cool down for 48 hours, filter the solution. Mix the solution 2 litres in 100 litres of water and spray to control leaf roller, stem borer, fruit borer, pod borer, etc.

How to make dry ginger astra?

Take 200 grams of dry ginger powder mix it in 2 litres of water. Put the mixture to boil till the volume of water is reduced by half. Allow the solution to cool down. Take five litres of cow milk or buffalo milk bring it to a boil and remove the cream away and allow it to cool down. Add the cooled milk to the dryginger solution and mix it. Add this to 200 litres of water and apply on the plants to control fungal attack

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Dear Shri Nathan, I sincerely appreciate your efforts to bring forth the goodness and richness of natural farming. It is great work and will benefit many!