Friday, March 14, 2008

Naturalfarming Palekarway

Why is this alternative method of Zero Budget naturalfarming being promoted ?

This method is being promoted to address the problem of soil fertility and conservation of water and other resources;

Through practicising this system we protect and enhance the micorbial value of the cultivable land by increasing the humus content in the land;

This in turn helps the plants to uptake the available macro and micro nutrients in the soil effectively. This helps in healthy growth of the plant;

Further, the inputs required for this method of cultivation need not be purchased from any dealers or manufacturers as they are mostly available at the farm site or village itself;

The cost of inputs going into this method of cultivation is very negligible/marginal as the inputs are available in most of the Indian farms;

This method is more closer to the traditional method farming and also delivers viable results at economical cost;

The water requirement per acre is drastically reduced when the package of practice of Zero budget natural farming namely the “four wheels of the chariot” are followed meticulously.

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Santanu said...

Dear Sir,
Please mention the botanical names of the plants.