Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Questions & Answers on the technique and practices

Shri Rajasekaran Ponniah has raised a querry on how to use Bijamurtham for Paddy and Black gram by a private email after going through this blogspot. I through that it would be better to answer this question through the blogspot itself so that along with Shri Rajasekaran Ponniah, others too can use the information. We must thank Shri Subash Palekar for developing this method which is proving beneficial to the farming community in general.

Question: How to use Bijamurtham for Paddy and Black gram?

Bijamurtham treatment for Paddy Seeds: Take adequate chlorine free clear water from your water source in a large wide mouthed can or vessel. Add small quantity of natural crystal salt (Kal Uppu). Now you can immerse the seeds in this water and allow the water to become still. This process should take about 15 minutes. Damaged and infested seeds will come up to the surface and float. Remove these seeds with the help of a strainer (tea vadikatti) and use it for mulching only. Now drain the water and allow the seeds to become dry. Add the prepared Bijamurtham and treat the seeds. Once this is done, the paddy seeds are ready for sowing into the seedbed.

Bijamurtham treatment for Black gram Seeds: Manually remove the infested and damaged seeds from the Black gram Seeds. Put the selected seeds into a thin cloth and soak the same well in the Bijamurtham solution for about a minute or two. Then open the cloth and allow the seeds to dry in shade till it is nearly free from external moisture. Now the Black Gram seeds are ready for sowing. Most Important: DO NOT RUB THE SEEDS TO AVOID DAMAGE TO OUTER COVER OF THE SEEDS.

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