Tuesday, April 8, 2008

SRI Paddy Cultivation under Zero Budget Naturalfarmingpalekarway - Some Photographs

At our farm in Kayapakkam, we have cultivated ADT 37 variety of paddy under SRI method. We have not used any inorganic fertilisers or pesticides of any sort. We have followed the techniques being propounded by Shri Subash Palekarji. The paddy plots will be ready for harvest in about two weeks or so. I give you some photographic idea for the farming community in general.

We have applied Jeevamurtham at regular intervals as suggested by Shri Subash Palekar. We had also used Neem Astra to control pests. The incidence of pest attack has been very minimal (as the paddy plants were sturdy due to application of jeevamurtha at regular intervals as well as due to spraying of jeevamurtha solution at regular intervals) and the growth as well as tillering has been profuse.
It is very satisfying to see this paddy field when there is mild sea breeze.

Other farmers had planted the same ADT 37 on traditional method following inorganic farming technique. They faced substantial incidence of infestation of the field and had to use expensive inorganic pesticides, etc., to control infestation.

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